Gina Ballman headshot


Founder & Lead Photographer

Spread Love….

Everywhere you go.

Let no on ever come to you without leaving happier.

My ability to see beauty and bring it out in the open for all to see is what truly motivates me. It is a blessed talent of mine and I desire to spread it everywhere I go, it could be with food, wine , painting or photography. Captured moments of still bliss to keep in our hearts for all of our days.


It is never hard to find.

I’ve lived in some inspiring places and had the fortitude to have some inspirational people leave their mark on me. My husband comes to mind first, a 30 year veteran photographer who schooled me, encouraged me and had the confidence in me to develop Sweet Olive.

Finding moments on a wedding day is such a pleasure to witness and photograph. It is a day of Love, who can resist that. A day of precious memories that i’m honored to deliver .



Lead Photographer

Darrin brings nearly three decades of wedding photography experience, having photographed hundreds of weddings across the country. He runs all of Sweet Olive’s in-house editing and also heads up our wedding videography team.





Associate Lead Photographer

Kylie’s eye for composition and moments is a natural fit with our house style. She brings with her ten years of wedding experience.