Associate Photographers

We have a handful or regular associate photographers on hand for Sweet Olive that will both lead weddings and be our second photographers when needed. All of our associates also book their own work outside of Sweet Olive – so we have a unique opportunity in being able to offer highly experienced associates. You can read a bit more to our approach, associate pricing and how we work with our associates: HERE

Below you will find a sampling of their work. Click on the images to enlarge.

Sweet Olive – Associate Photographers

Sweet Olive associate photographers run their own businesses outside of Sweet Olive…They book their own weddings – and then when available for us they will pick up extra dates that are available. For this reason, we have our favorites that we book when we can – but we also have an extensive network to call on when needed. One of the things that you can also have confidence in as a result is that we have an incredible back-up system as well. 

Also as a result of our associates being this experienced and booking their own weddings – we do not assign an associate to a wedding until maybe three months before. As a result of our system and approach, we are able to keep more than reasonable pricing available to all of our couples – especially considering the experience and preparation we have in place. Here are a few answers to the most common questions regarding associate photographers:

  1. Editing. All editing is still maintained in house and done by Darrin. This way we keep our consistent look to our images. Associate photographers only photograph.
  2. . Planning. Time lines and any planning questions are still created and overseen by Gina and Darrin.
  3. Choosing or meeting your photographer. Once again, because our associates book their own weddings as well, we are not able to offer an initial choice in photographers before booking. We choose our associates for their photographic abilities, professionalism as well as their experience and capability to lead a wedding day. They have a complete understanding of what we desire to have documented on a wedding day. Unfortunately we have see other photographers promise a specific, newer photographer a year in advance, only to have something change and then that photographer not be available. By keeping our group tight and current – we can offer a consistency that many cannot.
  4.  Engagement Sessions. All engagement sessions are still handled by Gina or Darrin.

One of our goals with Sweet Olive has been to offer consistent, professional and reliable photography coverage – but do so at a price range that is too often filled with part time photographers and others “just starting out”. We believe that you will also feel that the quality to value ratio of what we can offer is one of the best within the region.

Sweet Olive Associate Packaging

Lead photographer

Your choice of hours of coverage

Unlimited number of images taken & delivered

Your finished set of high-resolution files (no “watermarks)

Rights Release for all of your printing, sharing and other projects

Classic editing for all images

Time line consultations & custom time line

Image delivery via download

*Complimentary engagement session with 8 hours of coverage (complimentary when in the Cincinnati area – other cities available for a small travel fee)

For example:

6 hours of coverage $900

8 hours of coverage $1200


Pricing begins at $150 per hour of coverage.

Most dates have a minimum of 6 hours of coverage required.

A $200 non-refundable retainer is required to officially book a wedding date. Our online agreement/booking link makes it easy for you to both review your details and terms – as well as complete your retainer and officially know your date is reserved.

No dates are held or “penciled in” under any circumstances – regardless of order of inquiry. No waiting lists or call-backs.

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