The Question That Never Gets Asked

The Question That Never Gets Asked

Thoughts for a Saturday morning….

When we’re talking with prospective clients – there is always one question we never see couples ask:

“How much time on wedding day will we end up ‘posing’ and be focused on photography?”

After all…you dream about all the fun you will have preparing, getting ready, enjoying family, friends and each other…all of the dancing you may want to do and other traditions. However, too often we see photographers who build into the day – an over-whelming amount of time being spent on portraits, formals, details and other photo set-ups that may require the bride and groom being involved. We never have a couple say they want three hours of this.

Who wants to spend one-third of their wedding day posing?

It has always been our goal to use time efficiently…and while we certainly capture all of the above as standard procedure, we do so in an efficient way so your wedding day is a natural process rather than a photo/video “production”.

Wedding days fly by so fast – and before you know it it has gone by. We’re there to photograph the real moments of you celebrating an extra special and important day – as naturally and unobtrusive as possible. We have a plan and system for that and it works.

Spend more time with your new spouse, your family and friends…not your photographer.